How to Get MFA Right for NIS2 

For critical industries, NIS2 MFA deadlines are closing in fast. It isn't enough to check the box with partial coverage, especially with remote access, essential on-prem legacy apps, and production floors. 

Unfortunately, traditional MFA doesn't work with industrial infrastructure and MFA can't stop the phishing menace. A modern phishing-resistant approach that works with the whole enterprise is needed to neutralize skilled attackers, bad insiders, and NIS2 audits. 

Join us to get insights on leveraging NIS2 preparation with a passwordless approach that works with your existing apps or identity infrastructure:

  • Implement efficient MFA in industrial sectors 
  • Single MFA for corporate and production networks
  • MFA for DMZ and air gap island
  • Close vulnerable shop floor shared account workflows

Date: November 30, 2023, 4pm CET, 10am EST


Don Shin
Identity Security Strategist
Secret Double Octopus
David Johnson
Lead Consultant
iC Consult


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