The Good, Bad, and Ugly of Phishing-resistant MFA 


Phishing-resistant MFA is essential, and FIDO2 is clearly the future of authentication, but WebAuth only works with Web apps – and that only goes so far. What about those essential on-prem apps and network services that drive your business?

Like you, many IT leaders hesitate to jump full speed into FIDO because FIDO can't go everywhere by itself or with most IAM solutions.

Join us to learn how you can extend phishing-resistant MFA across all workforce applications – with or without hardware tokens – right now:

  • Stop the attacker's ability to exploit passwords and phish your users!
  • Extend passwordless MFA login to enterprise apps and network services
  • Get phishing-resistant MFA without recoding apps, writing connectors, and re-architecting identity infrastructure
  • Build on Zero Trust with an MFA that makes workers' and admins' lives easier


Date: April 10, 2024, 4pm CET, 3pm UTC


Amit Lavi
VP Customer Success
Secret Double Octopus
David Johnson
Lead Consultant
iC Consult


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