Siemens’ Journey To a State-of-the-Art Authentication Platform – How To Replace Existing Legacy Authentication Systems

Join our IAM Excellence Talk, where Head of Technology at SIEMENS, Dimitri Lubenski and CEO of Service Layers, Heiko Hütter discuss building the next generation of Access Management for the largest industrial manufacturing company in Europe. They go through the milestones of the project as well as the challenges and lessons learned. We will also take time to answer any questions you may have about this project, which KuppingerCole awarded "Best Enterprise IAM Project in 2020".

Date/Time: January 19th, 2021 / 1:00 pm (CET)

Learn from Siemens how they have achieved:

  • A highly available, secure, and rapid login through a worldwide distribution
  • A modern, intuitive user interface
  • A selection of preferred authentication methods depending on data classification
  • A very high degree of automation for efficient operation and a high degree of traceability
  • A developer portal for easy integration of 1,600 applications
  • Support of various authentication methods and user-friendly multi-factor authentication
  • A very fast implementation
  • A very high security level thanks to cutting-edge technologies and architectures


  • Dimitri Lubenski, Head of Technology, SIEMENS
  • Heiko Hütter, CEO, Service Layers 

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